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Who am I?

A business and personal coach with leadership and team development experience across a range of industries.  I have a background in HR, am an experienced line manager and trainer and have a high challenge high support coaching style. 

I work closely with business leaders and HR partners to identify what is needed and then tailor support accordingly.  I work with trusted and experienced associates as projects require.

I work either face to face or virtually, depending on location and need (and current government guidelines of course). I am fortunate to live and work in England on the South Coast, near both the beach and new forest and my campervan 'Isla' comes in handy for outdoor coaching or training sessions.

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Leadership Coaching

Be the leader you want to be and that your people deserve

Coaching sessions tailored to your needs. 

It can be difficult leading on a good day, let alone at times of increased pressure.   

Coaching can help you to more frequently be at your best so you are able to get the best you can from those you lead.

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Team Development

Building team relationships and improving ways of working

Partnering with leaders to identify the support required to enable their team to work effectively whilst addressing any communication or relationship issues. 

Established teams, as well as newly formed teams, benefit from on-going development and investing time in your team will be time well spent.

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Managing Change

Supporting yourself and others to navigate the change rollercoaster!

Change has always been an inevitable part of life and business and often brings many positives, however unexpected, for those involved.  

Whether it's a desired or enforced change it can be hard to both make and then sustain. Tailored support is available to help you throughout each stage of any change.

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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